Yuen Long at Night #2


This another one of those post on Yuen Long at night. Always vibrant. Look the Dai Pai Dong (大排檔). Constantly fully of people enjoying dinner after a hard day work.

Yuen Long at Night

yuen long at night - noodles store

I probably will starts shooting more at Yuen Long at night scene. Seems quite mesmerizing at night. Especially those Dai Pai Dong (大排檔) store.

Outback – Lunch

i have not had Outback for many years. Reason – The last time I went the give me a Rib-eye steak that I cannot chewed on. 

after so many years, we were walking around Yoho mall (Yuen LOng), want to get some lunch and Outback was offering some. So, why not. 

I took the Chicken and my wife’s ask for the rib. Very safe choice. 

Fantastic Cafe – Yuen Long

Drop by here over the weekend. They are inside a housing estate call Park Signature in Yuen Long. Nice atmosphere. I will probably come here again…

Mid Autumn Festival is around the corner

Took this at Tai Kiu Market in Yuen Long. This store put up lantern on both sides for sales. Many photographers came and shoot some photo because of the diversity of color.

So..I myself came here to take couple photos…Just for the fun.

Yuen Long Fruit store

I have tried many times taking photograph on this store. Never came out the way i like it. But this one seem ok.