Mini Hotels (Taichung Station Branch)


Our final stop in Taiwan. Stayed here on Nov 6th. This hotel is very near to the Taichung Rail Station. Probably about 5 minutes’ walk. Behind the hotel is a big mall called Taroko Mall. Plenty of food. McDonald and Starbucks is inside the mall. Plus, there is a Carrefour, too. The surrounding has plenty of restaurant if you are into local food.

Room – As they have stated, mini hotel. It’s really mini. It’s like a bunk bed style. The bed is on the upper deck, the table and the bathroom is below. You can only open a 24inch luggage and that it.

NOTE: the room does NOT have windows.

Electrical jacks – Plenty. Two jacks on the bed and about 4 on downstairs. No worry.

Watching TV – There is a TV but you need to sit sideways on the stairs to watch. We did not bother turning the TV. No point. Can’t watch it comfortably.

Bathroom – the toilet have the Japanese water dispenser. Good of Muslim and South East Asian traveler.

Closet – Open closet. They only provide 2 or 3 hangers.

Laundry – they have coin laundry machine and dryer.

Parking – the hotel does not have its own parking. You need to parking at public parking which is about 1 minutes walking distance.

Breakfast – Variety with bread, salad, porridge, scrambled, coffee, soya drink and some other fruits juice.

Overall, very pleasant stay at this hotel. No complaint. I slept well.



Bath towels and Hair dryer is inside the blue pouch.



Bath gel and shower gel. Very clean.


The toilet. Ideal for Muslims and South East Asian travellers.


You need to climb the narrow stairs to the bed.


The bed. Quite huge. Have two power jack with USB outlet. Very convenient.


Small size table.


When you open the door, the is what you see. Small and compact space.


Water provided.




Breakfast – salad.




Coffee machine.



No. 69, Dayong Street, East District, Taichung 401, Taiwan


Shenzhen for a day

We have not been to Shenzhen in almost 10 years. Cross the border came to this restaurant 九毛九 inside this mall 金光华广场 (金光華廣場) near Guomao metro (国贸).

Food is good. One of main thing for us is the environment. In HK, you will never get a big seat and you constantly have some unseen pressure of finishing your food and leave. 

If not, the waiter will clean out your table and constantly wiping your table until you get the message. 

Here in Shenzhen, you can eat without this kind pressure… in awhile coming up here is nice.

This one called 雨花 (Raindrop cafe). Just drop in to eat their dessert. The decoration is very 80’s type of environment. Nice deco. The dessert is just so…so…nothing to shout about.

Dim Sum

Some dim sum during the weekend.

Chater Garden 2017 @ Central

Another Christmas deco at Central. It got a huge Christmas light deco. I did not took the photo. I don’t know how to…

But I took the surrounding area.

Starlight Garden 2017 @ New Town Plaza

Starlight Garden at New Town Plaza. Every year they put up some really nice looking Christmas deco.

We went out there to check out their Rosy theme Christmas. Very nice and romantic atmosphere. If you are in town. Should check it out..

Christmas is around the corner

As I was sitting at Starbucks sipping my matcha latte. I realized the sleeve is red and there was doodle on the cup.

Christmas is getting close and another year is going to pass by.

Public Transportation Taichung – How we travel?

This some of the travel tips that we acquired during our time in Taichung. This how we use public transportation facilities in Taichung.

If  you have a better way, please let me know on the comment below. 

1) Easy Card is essential when using buses. When you get on the bus, you need to place the card on the reader and when you get off the bus, you need to place the card on the reader, again. 

2) We download this  Taichung Bus (Real-time) . Unfortunately, this app is in Chinese. I have not found one which has English on it. This is real time app tracking all the buses. One of the best app I thinks. 

The left side tell you which bus stop it’s currently stopping or going to stop . the right hand side (the green indicator is the no. of the bus).

3) how do we find the right bus for the right route? Google map. First, type the destination, then it will show the buses that will get you there.

Then click on the bus route, in this case is bus no. 18. It will show far you should walk to the nearest bus stop and it tell you in real time when is the next bus will arrive at the bus stop.

Below is not screenshot on the route, This is how we traveled around Tai Chung city.

Beluga Restaurant & Bar Taichung

Every time when we stop by in Taiwan, we would choose one French restaurant to eat. This time it was Beluga restaurant in Taichung.

Below are some of the photos I have taken, if you want to read review on this restaurant you can head to tripadvisor for the review. The review there is pretty much to the point.

 The Iberico is a little weak but the layout is pretty nice.

Beluga Restaurant & Bar Taichung

click on the above link to their official site.

Stonnecutters Island Naval Base Hong Kong

We had the opportunity to visit the Liaoning carrier destroyer and frigate at the Stonecutters Island Naval Base. Very interesting and it’s a first for us.

We only went up to one because the line was too horrendous. Minimum standing in line was about 1 hour and it was damn heavy rain. Even though they provide raincoat but we were soak and the humidity….We starts to head home after that. Seeing one is enough.