Mini Hotels (Taichung Station Branch)


Our final stop in Taiwan. Stayed here on Nov 6th. This hotel is very near to the Taichung Rail Station. Probably about 5 minutes’ walk. Behind the hotel is a big mall called Taroko Mall. Plenty of food. McDonald and Starbucks is inside the mall. Plus, there is a Carrefour, too. The surrounding has plenty of restaurant if you are into local food.

Room – As they have stated, mini hotel. It’s really mini. It’s like a bunk bed style. The bed is on the upper deck, the table and the bathroom is below. You can only open a 24inch luggage and that it.

NOTE: the room does NOT have windows.

Electrical jacks – Plenty. Two jacks on the bed and about 4 on downstairs. No worry.

Watching TV – There is a TV but you need to sit sideways on the stairs to watch. We did not bother turning the TV. No point. Can’t watch it comfortably.

Bathroom – the toilet have the Japanese water dispenser. Good of Muslim and South East Asian traveler.

Closet – Open closet. They only provide 2 or 3 hangers.

Laundry – they have coin laundry machine and dryer.

Parking – the hotel does not have its own parking. You need to parking at public parking which is about 1 minutes walking distance.

Breakfast – Variety with bread, salad, porridge, scrambled, coffee, soya drink and some other fruits juice.

Overall, very pleasant stay at this hotel. No complaint. I slept well.



Bath towels and Hair dryer is inside the blue pouch.



Bath gel and shower gel. Very clean.


The toilet. Ideal for Muslims and South East Asian travellers.


You need to climb the narrow stairs to the bed.


The bed. Quite huge. Have two power jack with USB outlet. Very convenient.


Small size table.


When you open the door, the is what you see. Small and compact space.


Water provided.




Breakfast – salad.




Coffee machine.



No. 69, Dayong Street, East District, Taichung 401, Taiwan


National Taichung Theater 台中國家歌劇院

National Taichung Theater 台中國家歌劇院 – just stunning a architecture. Probably just for us.

It worth a visit. If we stayed in Tai Chung, I could hang out here every weekend. You should drop by if you are in Tai Chung.

Gaomei Wetlands 高美溼地

Another scenic place everyone must go to check it out is the Gaomei Wetlands 高美溼地. Very scenic especially during the sunset time. 

I wanted to do a timelapse but the wind to too strong. It was almost like at T3 wind coming on. So I just record short video and took some photgraph.

I saw many younger travelers would rent a van to come to this place. We are lazy traveler.  

For more info click on the link Gaomei Wetlands .

Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村)

Rainbow village Tai Chung. One of those must do thing when you are in Tai Chung. We drop by here to shoot some photo. Doing our tourist thing. 

One thing we do admire some of the younger tourist, we wonder how they reached this place. We drove on a rented car. We are lazy tourist. But how they come here? But bus or taxi? It’s very far away from the central city. Leave a comment below if you know.

To know about the village, you can go to wikipedia.

 This is the more popular signage. It say – Let get married. So many young couple would like to get a photo here.

 Also, older couple.

Kun Hotel Taichung 台中

Kun Hotel Taichung

We stayed there last week. So photo inside the room. All standard amenities are in place. Nothing short.

Location  – Near Fengjia night market. You need to walk about 15min walk to the the Fengjia Night Market and the night market is huge. It consisted of two or three side street. If you are into night market food, this is the place to explore.

Get to the hotel – We took a bus from the airport. Bus No.A3. Its $100NT for each person. You can pay cash or with Easycard (if you have one in hand). The bus took us to Fuxing North Road (they stop is next to McDonald). We need to walked about 10min north to Fuxing North 2nd Street and you will see the Kun Hotel on your right.

Electronic jacks – sufficient for our use. we have 4 handphone, 2 camera charger, stabilizer charger, power bank and wifi router charger.

Laundry – They have two laundry machine and drying machine. The washing powder provider free. $40Nt to wash. $60NT to dry.

Breakfast – they offered breakfast but we did not booked the room with breakfast so I can`t comment on the breakfast.

Overall – very good. no complaint.

 the safe – it works.

 there is windows. this is the view from my floor.

 shampoo and bath gel


I shot a short video to show how the room look like.