Gao Shan Ching Hotel ALISHAN

Gao Shan Ching Hotel

Avoid Or Only At Last Resort

We stayed here on Nov 4th, 2018. The only positive about this hotel is it’s inside Alishan National Forest and accessible to the trains and eatery. It’s about 5 to 7 minutes’ walk to the nearest restaurant. We booked this place because like I said before, we thought of using public transportation but changes our mind. We rented a car at last minutes and drove here.

Room – I don’t mind the room being small but it was not well kept. The floor was dirty with hairs and other residue. I don’t think they ever vacuum the room. For a moment, I doubt they change the bed sheet. The towel has some smell on it.

Room Heater – Does not work. It was blowing cold air from the vent. We turned it off. The night temperature dips to around 9 Celsius at night. The only thing to make up for the cold room was the goose down blanket. It was super warm.

NOTE: No fridge. No safety box.

Bathroom – water leaking onto the floor when you flush the toilet. I did not make any complain because I was only there for one night. So, I sucked it up. Also, be aware. NO shower curtain. So, the entire bathroom will be wet.

Water Heater – they turn on the water heater from 6pm-8am. If you overslept, you will be showering in freezing cold water.

Wifi – they have but we did not use it. Can’t comment on the speed.

Breakfast – we have walked to another hotel for breakfast. Only 6 selections of stir fry vegetables, meat and mantou. There is coffee and hot soya milk.

Electrical jacks – only 4 available in my room.

Closet – open closet with 4 hangers provided.

Parking – plenty of spaces for parking. Once you have parked the car, you really don’t need to drive anywhere. Everything is within walking distance.

Overall, just not satisfied with the cleanliness of the room. If the room was clean, I probably would give it a 2.5 stars. The only advantage they have is everything was within walking distance. If you are driving up to Alishan, might as well look for Minsu. Otherwise, look for others hotel on the surrounding area.

Gao Shan Ching Hotel

Gao Shan Ching Hotel

No shower curtain. The entire bathroom is wet after the shower.

Gao Shan Ching Hotel

This is the windows from our room which is separated by a hallway.

Gao Shan Ching Hotel

This is the hallway. Quite dirty. Have cigarettes butt.

Gao Shan Ching Hotel

Gao Shan Ching Hotel

Breakfast at another hotel. Coffee and Soy Milk.

Gao Shan Ching Hotel

This is the breakfast.

Gao Shan Ching Hotel

Gao Shan Ching Hotel


Gao Shan Ching Hotel

No.43 Jhongjheng Village, Alishan, 605, Taiwan

Checheng Station (車埕車站) – Nantou County (南投縣)) – Nantou County (南投縣)

If you visit Sun Moon Lake, you should drop by here. Checheng Station (車埕車站) – Nantou County (南投縣). This is really a nostalgic place. 

We stop at Che Cheng Station. Bought a train ticket travel to JiJi station and back. It was a 15min one way ride to Jiji Station. 

You can check out their wikipedia here.

 These two dogs was posing for their owners. I took a quick snap.

 Walked up and it was a restaurant.

 Old fashion type of train ticket.

Train was about to depart Checheng station. Heading to Jiji station.