Anicom Hong Kong 2017

This year I found the cosplay hall and i was just snapping away. Took quite a bit of photo and video. The video I probably will not post…maybe

One the reason is the video is incomplete, I did not stop by at the main exibition hall. I went to the the cosplay hall and by the time i wanted to return to the main hall. They said..I am not allowed. 

The organizer assume the visitors will follow their schematic where the visitors will stop by hall1, then go upstairs to hall 3c and 3e and head back home.

But i went to Hall 3e first then head back to Hall 1. But they would not let me… of those WTF moment. I could have yell at them..but I did not…I am getting old… Letting thing go…..

Cheung Chau Bun Festival 2017

Went to Cheung Chau this year, Last year, I did not go…I think its fall on the weekend and it was going to be super crowded. 
This year is not super crowded but the Police place so many blockade that one can only stay a one spot for hours. If you go somewhere, you cannot return to your spot because you can leave but can’t come back in.
So..that was a little disappointed. I could NOT get any good shot on this particular occasion. Have to try next year.