HK Roaming Sim to Taiwan

Just want to share some info on using Hong Kong roaming Sim when you travel to Taiwan.

I have always buy Sim Card at the Taoyuan Airport. I don’t ever buy any roaming Sim in HK. I thought the price was more expensive and there is a limitation on data usage.

Lately, I tried the above photo. It cost around $50 or $60 HKD. I don’t remember. A couple buck higher than buying it at Taoyuan Airport.

It does have limitation on DATA. 5GB only for 5days where as if you buy in Taoyuan Airport, Data usage is unlimited (so that was what being advertise).

Another limitation, Roaming Sim has No voice call. ONLY DATA. If you need voice, you need to buy the sim at the airport.

This sim link with Far Eastone. I think it’s good enough. They are the second largest telco in Taiwan. I have NO issue in Taipei city. No line drop or slow down or lagging when watching Youtube video.

Do NOT use any sim from T-star telcom. They don’t have extensive coverage. They are cheap but NO COVERAGE BEYOND TAIPEI CITY.

Overall, I will use it again. If I don’t need to voice call anyone, this is the Sim I will bring with me. Hopefully, this info might be of some use to someone out there.

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