MI Router 4A Giga (Don’t Buy IF…)


Bought the 4A gigabit version hoping to replace my old Mi Router 3. Unfortunately, it does not work for me. Put on the shelved and become a museum product.

Don’t BUY if you intend to host NAS. The port 80 is BLOCKED. No issues port forward 443 or other port. Only port 80 is BLOCKED. It said ‘PORT CONFLICT’. I have try:

  1. Some say specify the IP on the router, then port forward. DID NOT WORK!!!
  2. This is a International version. Went here and change to Chinese ROM. Hoping the Chinese Rom will let me port forward 80. DID NOT WORK!!!
  3. Some on the net suggest RESET the router (most ridiculous BULLSHIT I ever come across). I did it anyway. DID NOT WORK!!!


Putting this on the shelves and waiting patiently for someone to port it to OPENWRT. Hopefully, Then I will re-try again.

If anyone out there have a better idea, please do let me know. I don’t have any solution. Thanks in advance.

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