Xinhaili Hotel 新海利酒店

The hotel is about 15-20 minutes walk from the Gongbei immigration check point.

I did not expect much from a Rmb 300 plus hotel. But it was surprisingly acceptable. More than acceptable.

I did not know their restaurant is more popular than their hotel.

Another thing is, they have shuttle bus To and From the HZMB port. Cost is RMB 10.00 per person. If you have more than 2 person, advisable to take taxi. Cost around RMB 35-40. Reason – faster. The bus operate on hourly basis.

The lobby. They have 2 block of hotel. One is more expensive and the other is cheaper. We choose the cheaper side. Downside is all the room is smoking room. The hotel need RMB 300.00 for deposit because they have on-demand movie on their TV system.

So, be aware don’t press the wrong button.

The hallway to the room. Quite dimly lit.

Bed – everything inside is standard hotel room amenities. Many electrical plug.

Quite clean bathroom. I say quite clean is because we saw some pee stain on the toilet bowl. Acceptable…I guess. We just wipe it out.

They provide safe and flip-flop. Some with this kind of price range does not provide a safe.

Standard stuff – TV and desk.

We did not take up the breakfast buffet. It cost Rmb 98.00. Might as well stop by at McDonald because I can’t eat most of the food. Its about 15 minutes walk.

For dinner, we just walked to the nearby area where they have ton of restaurants to choose. Another option is to walk back to the Gongbei immigration area where there are many restaurants. For food, the surrounding area are full of it.

Overall, the hotel room is good. Will choose this one when we drop by next time. Convenient if you are travelling via HZMB bridge. Only downside is the cheaper room is a smoking room. If you really can’t take the smell, pick the more expensive which on another block.

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