Aiwei Wuxi Hotel (Foshan Zumiao)

Aiwei Wuxi Hotel (Foshan Zumiao) – No.37 Songfeng Road Foshan China.

On the internet, this hotel seems interesting. Its based on Kungfu Theme and the lobby look like those old decorations. The price is reasonable. The lobby and the hotel is on the 1st Floor. Downstairs are decoration with the wooden Wing Chun kung fu stool.

No elevator. If you come with luggage, you need to bring it up. We were travelling with backpack. It was easy for us.

The windows and the bed light looks nostalgic. Very clean.

Upper left hand is the electronic mosquito repellent. On the top right is the multi prong electrical adapter in case you did not bring any. The bottom is the air condition remote.

They have 2 type of room. One with windows and the others without. So…be aware when you booked online.

The hot water boiler, Slippers, Toothbrush.

The bathroom – it’s all in one. No separator between the toilet bowl and the shower area. When you take shower be sure to put the toilet paper somewhere else. Otherwise, it will get wet. For Muslims and South East Asian travelers, this type of bathroom is quite ideal.

Towel amenities are there.

Plastic slippers inside the bathroom. Be aware – many have used it before your turn. So, If you are particular on this, don’t use it. They don’t put in new one.

Breakfast – we skip. Because we Keto, we can’t eat any of those.

The bao, noodles and mantou. No coffee provided. Only soya bean drink.

Electrical jacks. Enough.

NO closet. It’s open closet with some hangers.

Hair dryer.

Overall, all the amenities was there. we have no complaint. Everything was in place.

Parking – NO Parking. You have to park on the street. I don’t how much it cost per day.

Accessibility to nearby tourist attractions :

  1. Liang’s Garden – just across the street.
  2. Liangnan Tiandi – you can walk. It about 15min to 20min walk or you can go across the street to take bus ( you need to read Chinese on where to get off).
  3. Zumiao Temple (where Wong Fei Hung and Ip Man memorial) – 25min walk or take a bus.
  4. Nanfeng Ancient Kiln Foshan – there is a bus behind the hotel – No. 185C will take you to the doorstep.

The bus station have tourist bus. Bus 1 to 4 that will take you to other tourist attraction. We did not try it because we don’t have much time. You can check the link on this page

Apps that you need to have when you are in China:

  1. – download the Guangzhou map. It’s an offline map. In case you are lost, you know where you are without any internet connection.
  2. Moovit bus app – if you want to search for bus to specific destination, it will point to the right direction.
  3. Baidu Map – if you can read Chinese, this is a must. It will tell what bus to take and the fare. Plus, if you take taxi, it will tell approximately what price your need to pay. Minimize from getting rip off by taxi driver.
  4. Amap(Alibaba map) – I use this app because you can type English and it will recognize the destination. Next, my Cantonese is better than my Mandarin, you can set the TTS to Cantonese whereas Baidu will only speak and recognize Mandarin and others internal China dialect.

Sim Card

It’s better to have a roaming Sim because we live in the Facebook, Instagram and other social space. If you use hotel wifi, none of these social media services will be available.


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