Smart Octopus Card – My thoughts

Smart Octopus Card with Samsung Pay. I have been using for about 2 weeks and it has been very smooth. No glitches. The setup was pretty straight forward. I bought a new octopus via Samsung Pay. I did not transfer my physical call because it was a back up card. Using hand phone is far more convenient than using a physical card. For me, it’s very difficult going back using Octopus Card.

I did not sign up for AVVS(auto top-up via Octopus). I just use physical top-up via 7-11 or Circle K. I will only use Samsung Pay if I ran out money in some area where I can’t find a 7-11 to top-up. Samsung Pay charge 2.5% on every top up so quite unlikely I will use it.

Only certain Samsung Phone works with Smart Octopus : 

Top UP

No need to turn on PHONE. Just place your phone onto the Octopus charging machine and it will do the rest.


If you are using Google Pay, you need to change Gpay to default because Samsung Pay overwrite it. The setup is quite easy to follow.

Below I put up some images on the how-to.


The Setup

  1. Open up your Samsung Pay and add a credit card. Its does not support Debit card like TapNGo.
  2. After linking your credit card, as above image, click on the Smart Octopus. It will ask whether you want to transfer your physical card or buy new card.
  3. When you are all done with the Octopus card card, it will ask you to setup the NFC setting. Most NFC are in the ‘Auto Select’. You need to change it to ‘Embedded Secure Element’.

Setup NFC

  1. Click on the top right hand corner

Then press the ‘DEFAULT NFC METHOD’.


The Samsung Pay app will ask you to select ‘Embedded Secure Element’. Your NFC is setup and done. Next, we move on the move the Gpay as default payment rather than using Samsung Pay.


Back into the NFC setting, Click the Tap and Pay.


Select Gpay as your default. Then go to OTHERS.

Change this one the Gpay because it will default to Samsung Pay and that it. You are good to go. Hope this help. For me it’s quite convenient with Gpay and Octopus card all in the phone.

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