Xiqu Centre West Kowloon

Bought ticket to check out the Tea House experience. It’s new and we thought it’s good to check out theater. From what I see, the architecture was stunning. At least on the exterior part.

The interior really is nothing to shout about. I am not an art buff. But I felt the place really has no soul. Each floor does not tell a story on why they exist. It’s just there. Nothing else. Probably it’s still new.

Internally, it’s an open concept. there are sitting area on the side but during Summer I don’t think it’s bearable to sit around and enjoy the surrounding. Again, something I don’t understand, Hong Kong has at least 6 months of above 30 degree temperature and this area for exhibitors to exhibit art and performance.

Maybe down the road they might insert some artistic stuff on each floor. For now, the interior really look bland.

This is the current exhibition on how the center being constructed.

I read on the brochure they have different performers on this premise everyday.

This is inside the Tea House theater. You can only take photos before the show starts. You can take photo during the show.


Price of the ticket is $318 HKD comes with dim sum and tea. I have never experience this kind before. It’s almost like ancient time watch play and enjoying tea. Something like that.

Some of the souvenirs at the souvenirs shop.

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