WeChatPay HK – short review


The big caption says…accessed to over 1 million merchant in China with WechatpayHK. I took this LoWu station. 

I have tried it over the weekend at Shenzhen. I can only say: WechatpayHK is not there yet. The direction is correct but I can say many merchant have not sign up it.

I don’t know the backend logistics but I am going to assume this. In order to Mainland Merchant to be able to processed WechatpayHK they need to apply for it, otherwise they would not able to received payment.

WechatpayHK should automatically enable in their background processing system would be much better. Most merchant might find it a hassle to apply for it and it does not bring in much increment to their business.

I have a small sample size on the use and I am going to list the merchant that NOT ABLE TO WORK:

  1. Carrefour
  2. 7-11 store
  3. Nome – this is household store which has store in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen

Next, the store that ABLE TO WORK wechatHK are as below:

  1. HeyTea
  2. Walmart
  3. Starbucks
  4. 雲海肴雲南菜 (restaurant)

Another annoyance is when you pay with Hong KOng linked credit card, for example DBS. They will send you a sms confirmation to your phone. That processed took like 2 minutes to receives the sms and keyin into DBS site to confirm. Then DBS will inform me that I have paid.

That processed take about 5 minutes. Imagine doing this at 7-11, 5 minutes is a long time standing in line. I don’t know if it’s my DBS credit card issue or something.

This is my short review based on small sample size.

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