Peanut Butter Keto Cookie


Finally, decided to start a series of Keto Food photography. My wife made the cookie. I just posted them on my site. No secret to the recipe. You can search on the Net and you can find variety of similar recipes from different blogger or vlogger.

Christmas Lights Hong Kong 2018

Concluding the Christmas Lights series with a short video. Some of the shot were at Lee Tung Street (利東街), Statue Square (皇后像廣場), 1881 Heritage (前水警總部), Harbour City (海港城), East Tsim Sha Tsui (尖東),Starlight Garden (紅粉夢樂園). Nothing fancy. I used a Samsung S7 Edge with Zhiyun Smooth Q.

Wishing Everyone a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Lee Tung Ave (利東街) Christmas Light

Went out the Lee Tung Ave (利東街) to continue my series on Christmas Light.  One of the best decoration so far.

Pack with a lot people.

Ask a this girl to hold up her phone so I could just photograph the phone. Thanks very much.

This couple was busy doing selfie.

I thought she was cute.

Some fake snow floating around. Make it more beautiful.

Look so real… Like he is coming down for me….

Many wishes  to become an angel.