Via Hotel – Zhongxiao Fuxing 丰居旅館 忠孝館

Travel to Taipei last week with my father-in-law to visit relative there. Below is the hotel that we stayed during our stay. We choose this hotel because our relatives lived within 10 minutes walk.

I guess a lot of traveler like this is because its situated about 5 minutes walk from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station and Sogo Mall.

From Airport to the hotel

Another convenience is, it’s reachable by airport bus. We took Evergreen bus number 5201. The stop is MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing. After you get off the bus walked, walked toward the NET(clothing store) at the corner and follow along the walkway. Some landmark you will pass-by are Kao Chi Restaurant, Deja-vu hotel. Look into google map.


Lobby is on the 3rd floor. Staff are very friendly. Getting to your room, you need to pass through a glass door via your hotel card. Pretty secure. Without that card, you practically cannot reach your room. So, take your hotel card with you when you leave the room.


Room is small. If you have two large 28inch luggage, it can be a hassle. Once you open up both  the luggage, you can hardly walked. Some traveller will not mind. We don’t either because we know it’s going to be a small room.

  1. their standard room have NO WINDOWS. If you don’t mind this minor issues, there is no problem.
  2. Fourth floor room are not reachable by elevator. You need to carry your luggage up from the lobby.  

Toilet seat is the best. Have heat and the Japanese style dispenser.

All modern amenities in the room are there. For example, safety box, coffee & tea, hair dryer, 5 to 6 electrical jacks and shampoo and bath gel.

 This is the breakfast area.


You need to walk to 5 floors to get it. If you are travelling with elderly person, you need to be aware of this minor issue.

Breakfast – 4 selection :
  1. Porridge with other add-on
  2. DIY grill sandwich – they provide the cheese, slices of hotdog, onions, green onion and other vege. Put everything into the bread and do your diy. There is timer.
  3. Toast bread, Bao and Mantou.
  4. Waffle – diy
There have selection of machine brewed coffee or ground coffee.or tea.

Laundry Machine

There is laundry and dryer.

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