Shenzhen for a day

We have not been to Shenzhen in almost 10 years. Cross the border came to this restaurant 九毛九 inside this mall 金光华广场 (金光華廣場) near Guomao metro (国贸).

Food is good. One of main thing for us is the environment. In HK, you will never get a big seat and you constantly have some unseen pressure of finishing your food and leave. 

If not, the waiter will clean out your table and constantly wiping your table until you get the message. 

Here in Shenzhen, you can eat without this kind pressure… in awhile coming up here is nice.

This one called 雨花 (Raindrop cafe). Just drop in to eat their dessert. The decoration is very 80’s type of environment. Nice deco. The dessert is just so…so…nothing to shout about.

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