Dim Sum

Some dim sum during the weekend.

Hong Kong Christmas Lights 2017

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. Below is my video on some of the Christmas Lights around Hong Kong

It was shot at Harbour City (海港城), 1881 Heritage (前水警總部), Starlight Garden (紅粉夢樂園), Lee Tung Street (利東街), Statue Square and Hong Kong Cultural Centre (香港文化中心).


Outback – Lunch

i have not had Outback for many years. Reason – The last time I went the give me a Rib-eye steak that I cannot chewed on. 

after so many years, we were walking around Yoho mall (Yuen LOng), want to get some lunch and Outback was offering some. So, why not. 

I took the Chicken and my wife’s ask for the rib. Very safe choice. 

Chater Garden 2017 @ Central

Another Christmas deco at Central. It got a huge Christmas light deco. I did not took the photo. I don’t know how to…

But I took the surrounding area.

Starlight Garden 2017 @ New Town Plaza

Starlight Garden at New Town Plaza. Every year they put up some really nice looking Christmas deco.

We went out there to check out their Rosy theme Christmas. Very nice and romantic atmosphere. If you are in town. Should check it out..

Best of British festival Hong Kong 2017

Happening now until Sunday at the Tamar Park. We drop by last night. Had dinner. Listen to some music. It was pretty nice atmosphere. You got food, music, alcohol, nice weather and a outdoor cinema. 

You can check out their site here.

Below are reprocessed into HDR.

Goobne Chicken

Was at Tsuen Wan CityWalk mall. did not know what to eat. We choose this one. Took some photos.