Public Transportation Taichung – How we travel?

This some of the travel tips that we acquired during our time in Taichung. This how we use public transportation facilities in Taichung.

If  you have a better way, please let me know on the comment below. 

1) Easy Card is essential when using buses. When you get on the bus, you need to place the card on the reader and when you get off the bus, you need to place the card on the reader, again. 

2) We download this  Taichung Bus (Real-time) . Unfortunately, this app is in Chinese. I have not found one which has English on it. This is real time app tracking all the buses. One of the best app I thinks. 

The left side tell you which bus stop it’s currently stopping or going to stop . the right hand side (the green indicator is the no. of the bus).

3) how do we find the right bus for the right route? Google map. First, type the destination, then it will show the buses that will get you there.

Then click on the bus route, in this case is bus no. 18. It will show far you should walk to the nearest bus stop and it tell you in real time when is the next bus will arrive at the bus stop.

Below is not screenshot on the route, This is how we traveled around Tai Chung city.

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