Stay Hotel Taichung (星漾商旅台中一中館)

After Sun Moon Lake, We came back to Taichung again and we stay here Stay Hotel Taichung

Location – very close to Yizhong night market. It’s only one long streets. Much smaller than Fengjia market. We prefer this side because public transportation is very convenient. Multiple bus stop are within 5 to 7min walk. From here, we could go to National Taiwan Art Center and National Taichung Theater. Very convenient.

Breakfast – very typical taiwanese breakfast. 

Bed – it was two full size attached together. 

Electronic jacks – it’s have a lot of jacks. No need to worry if you need to charge your phone and other electronic toys. 

Laundry – one washer and dryer..

Gym – they even have a small gym with one treadmill, bicycle thing (i don’t what to cal that) and a massage chair.

 Open closet

 We do hear street noise but it does not bother us.

Below is a short video:

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