YI Home Camera 1080p 18CNY – How To?

I just wanted to let everyone knows I got the 1080p working by following the instruction on the following links : https://github.com/shadow-1/yi-hack-v3 .

One reasons is I have spend many hours searching on the net trying solve this but most of the information are for the 720p and NOT the 1080p.

Really need to thanks those guys that hacked this camera. Otherwise, I and everyone else who bought the Chinese version will ends up throwing it into the trash. Thanks very much whoever you are….

Hopefully, this information will help others.

Follow the above links instructions and you will make your 18CN works.

select the above circled. 

Cheung Chau Bun Festival 2017

Went to Cheung Chau this year, Last year, I did not go…I think its fall on the weekend and it was going to be super crowded. 
This year is not super crowded but the Police place so many blockade that one can only stay a one spot for hours. If you go somewhere, you cannot return to your spot because you can leave but can’t come back in.
So..that was a little disappointed. I could NOT get any good shot on this particular occasion. Have to try next year.

Visiting Macau 2017

Went for a short break in Macau last month. Stay at Parisian Hotel. Went to Macau Tower – ate buffet at Cafe 360. It’s a spinning restaurant. The buffet – nothing to shout about. No seafood. Just meat. The view is good. You can enjoyed someone jumping out from the upper floor. For a moment, you might thought someone is committing suicide but its not. There is a bungee jump on the upper floor. Senado Square – went there specificlly to do timelapse…

Terminal 2 Skydeck

Long holiday weekend…went to explore HK Airport. The skydeck is a haven for photographer. There a least 50 or more photographer with long lenses